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On Sunday, September 4th, 2016 a significant and meaningful event was held at the Cortile del Maglio in Turin, Italy: Torino Rock Amatriciana.

A music marathon to raise money for victims of the earthquake that struck the citizens of Amatrice and a few surrounding towns in central Italy.

The event, as you might be aware, was organized by Gigi Morello and Giulia Cardia of the Cultural Association GM Drum School with the sponsorship of the City of Turin and the ITALIAN RED CROSS.
Besides all the obvious legitimacy of it, due to the involvement of such important and official organizations, and full support given by given by multiple sponsors, one thing that should be emphasized is that NO ONE, and I stress that again, including the artists, and all the others that made themselves available to ensure a successful event, received a single penny. NOBODY.

There were a few things that caught my attention and I would like to share with you:
-the artists: you are all aware how that world can be at times? The ones full of themselves, the one being hard just for the pleasure of it, those with odd requests such as no photography etc.. Guess what? None of It happened on this particular event.
Each and everyone sang and performed without any drama in perfect harmony and without any complaint. Neither on stage or behind the scene. Great people indeed, not only professionals! And that can be quiet different.
-the staff at the IL MAGLIO restaurant as well as all the volunteer workers at the Italian Red Cross of Torino were nothing short of extraordinary. They all worked around the clock, feeding everyone, always with a smile and clearing the tables timely to accomodate more guests. Even the ashtrays were emptied routinely. Imagine how many people in attendance and how hard the crew had to work to make it all work. They surely did! The restrooms were always clean and efficiently equipped and refilled with all the needed supplies. Again... excellence! It was much harder to serve such a number of guests rather than the usual 100 or so guests a restaurant may accomodate. A huge applause to all of you!

-Being in line to get food was also a pleasant experience, without the usual wanting to move ahead. I did not see any bullying but rather a climate of overall courtesy. People would apologize for just hitting elbows to one another and always ended up smiling and starting a conversation.
-political personalities: there was a great variety of parties being represented. That alone spells success. To be able to see people just being people regardless of any political affiliation was a tremendous reward and hopefully a message for the the future. The people that will watch the photos will cherish these moments that unfortunately became an oddity in italy, while they should simply be the standard way of doing it.
-companies and businesses: two of them in particular caught my eye. Both car dealers, most likely competitors and that signed an agreement to help the cause by donating part of the proceeds from car sales directly to the Italian Red Cross, by also guaranteeing a minimum.
Often times competitors do not want to be in the same environment but this time it was quiet different. There was none of the usual, move me elsewhere or I will withdrawal from the campaign. I shall not forget what we would hope to become the next standard of doing it. Musical instruments manufacturer were also present and in particular UFIP cymbals from Pistoia and ED DRUM. We do hope in a few more to join in.

-Andrea Sophie: you may be wondering who she is? A young child who stole my heart and made me really emotional. I can tell you that what she had told and asked me, must be the best wish for any parent to hear and to offer a great deal of reflection for anybody else.
While taking photos, she came over and asked me if I could take one. I replied “but of course”.
I started zooming in and she quickly told me not to shoot. It is not for me it is for my Dad because he is such a great person and he deserves to be photographed. “Could you kindly wait while I go look for him” she said..
Needless to say I did not move and waited. When they came back I realized he was a Red Cross volunteer. He asked permission to his supervisor before being photographed. Andrea Sophie: thank you for being who you are. So special, in and out. Stay as such!

I would like to spend a few words on a the usual last minute idiots aka web snakes. Some of them were able to get their 5 minutes of fame on television and not only on the web.
They claimed there are too many of these events that are targeted only to give visibility to the hosts themselves and the artists. That some of the funds might go in the wrong hands or to generate compensations for services offered.
My take is very simple: yes, the organizers do invite celebrities because those attract people and that helps to raise more money which is the goal to begin with!
Let me add that serious organizers do involve artists and volunteers. They also involve serious organizations (clearly the RED CROSS being one). Most importantly, the victims can’t care less of your critiques and complaints, while struggling to get a meal or have a bed and a roof. it’s all about priorities, clearly!
Thumbs Up and a Bow for those who worked hard and continue to do so to raise more funds.
The Collection continues until 30-9-2016.
Please wire directly to Croce Rossa comitato di Torino and use Iban 75J0335901600100000115476, subject: ”Torino Rock all'Amatriciana".
Daily Updates available on the Facebook page of the event.
Also please check the album TORINO ROCK ALL'AMATRICIANA  in the Gallery section, where we will continue to publish photos as they become available.
Gabriella Ruggieri for 1blog4u