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 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
Luciano D'Addetta: Sinfonia del cerchio non chiuso

This is the name of the piece by the composer Luciano D’Addetta who, after a period of inspiration for the "Flammy misting piano composer" project, returns with a song with a symphonic and orchestral flavor.
Luciano D'Addetta's music is particularly rich in style and different trends: he adapts the sound of the orchestra to the experimentation of his compositional sound, welcoming new ways of using orchestral parts, new ways of writing and a greater variety in the choice, of daring timbre combinations.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
A solitary nonconformist artist, he manages to elaborate an unmistakable style, at first listening it leads us back to him - the composer of the sea -, who with the Mediterranean inside, paints his scores with sound waves and strong images, accompanied at the same time by very sweet melodies.
The song has a profound meaning because it was born in a dark period of his life, and now he plays it thinking about the people who have been victims of a massacre of innocents, and who have not been able to end their lives, as has happened a few years ago in his family...

A particular story is that of the composer, his music is now everywhere, we remember one of the latest hits of music for short films in America soil (Venus Italian International Film Festival Las Vegas Nevada; Winner Crisff 2018 International Short Film Festival, New york; official selection 2019 voce spettacolo film festival-Italy).
From a sentence said by him, meeting him, it was understood how important music is for him...
Luciano what is music for you? “For me music is like the best movie, our life”.
Where do you get the cues, the ideas, for your compositions? "Music is everywhere you just need to listen"...
What to say? I leave you to listen to this short and surprising modern symphony.

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