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Mark Wade: Songs From Isolation

Mark Wade: Songs From Isolation - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

Mark Wade, the popular New York bassist is a three-time Downbeat Magazine Reader’s Poll finalist. For his 2020 release, "Songs From Isolation", Wade steps out on his own to present a unique solo project.

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LUCIANO D'ADDETTA - La sinfonia del cerchio non chiuso

LUCIANO D'ADDETTA - La sinfonia del cerchio non chiuso - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

This is the name of the piece by the composer Luciano D’Addetta who, after a period of inspiration for the "Flammy misting piano composer" project, returns with a song with a symphonic and orchestral flavor.

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Sergio Moses - vocal coach

Sergio Moses - vocal coach - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
Train with the vocal coach Sergio Moses.
If you cannot meet him in the innovative "Voice Laboratory", just outside Turin, you can reach him ONLINE. He will accompany you in the magical world of modern singing

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GM Drum School

GM Drum School - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

A day off in Turin, visiting, drinking a coffee, taking some pictures and having a chat with our friends at the GM Drum School.

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MARK WADE interview

MARK WADE interview - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
I met Mark Wade on Twitter. On the occasion of our decision to review his cd "MOVING DAY" of the Mark Wade Trio.
Anyone who knows me knows that despite being an omnivore in terms of music (I listen to so many genres) I am neither an expert nor a music critic. I never will be. That's why I collaborate with people who are undoubtedly more prepared than me.