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LussoMediterraneo jewels - Pitti Immagine 2019

LussoMediterraneo jewels - Pitti Immagine 2019 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
One of the most popular international fashion events ever will end soon, Pitti Immagine, now in its 96th edition, celebrated its thirty years this year.
Edition full of events, including the one organized by Cris Egger and DeGorsi "Fashion Frames", at the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence.
Four Seasons where the charm of fashion and the splendid and historic Palazzo della Gherardesca, have created a unique and perfect partnership. An enchanting and overwhelming scenario!

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
It is in this dreamy atmosphere, the perfect combination of culture and creativity, that the art of the designer Maria Elena Savini with the LussoMediterraneo jewels brand has found its place.
After the experience at Pitti Immagine last winter, the artist returns to Florence once again, as a protagonist.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
"It was great to see my jewels displayed in the splendid location of the La cappella del Cardinale, in perfect keeping with the magnificence of the surroundings. I think I received much more success in this second experience at Pitti than during the previous one! And above all, having returned to Florence, chosen by a woman like Cristina Egger, who has been involved in a lifetime scouting talent, is always a pleasure for me”, these are the words of the designer, at her second Florentine experience.
Exposed is the spring/summer collection 2019. A distinctive feature of the LussoMediterraneo jewels brand is the sculptural rendering of every single jewel. Accustomed to the marine world, masterfully represented by the sinuosity and elegance of the Octopus Collection, this time it is the land that attracts attention. Poppies, toucans and peacocks; these are just some of the protagonists of the new collection that show some precious common characteristics, distinctive signs of Maria Elena Savini's meticulous work: vivid colors, lightness, brightness and great harmony.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
A celebration event of beauty, that of "Fashion Frames", a step back to the times of the ancient Greeks? They had the propensity to perfection, to logic, but above all to symmetry and clarity. Beautiful was all that had an inner and outer balance. Recall to the past, not necessarily forced. Art is in extreme need of rigor as well as great creativity and, at the Four Seasons Hotel Florence, it was not difficult to find this great linearity between the majesty of the home and the skill of the designers involved. In addition to LussoMediterraneo jewels, also the high tailoring of Sciamat and the elegant tailored shirts of Siniscalchi.
The return home of LussoMediterraneo jewels, after the new experience at Pitti, was therefore triumphant. Many in new projects in the pipeline that will see the ceramic jewels of Maria Elena Savini as protagonists. (Silvia Savini, Press Office LussoMediterraneo jewels).
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