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Quartiere Arcobaleno - Milan, Italy

Quartiere Arcobaleno - Milan, Italy - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

What a pleasant surprise it was to wander around Milan, discovering Quartiere Arcobaleno.

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SANGO Wildlife Lodge - Zimbabwe

SANGO Wildlife Lodge - Zimbabwe - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

SANGO Wildlife Lodge – Zimbabwe
5th best safari lodge in the world
Edmond Blanc Prize for Sustainable Development

A journey to SANGO Wildlife Lodge in the heart of the Savé Valley Conservancy will take you to superlatives you never knew existed, taking in the marvellous variety of unique “Big5“ (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, and rhino) roaming free on 60.00 hectares of wild African bush. We saw all of them.
The famous sunsets and starry skies were the highlight of each day.
SANGO Lodge has a piece of my heart. It is probably the most beautiful and magnificent place I have ever visited.
An amazing spot of well preserved wildlife and nature, far away from the Commercial-touristic places. In the Center a beautifully arranged and luxurious lodge with lots of space and privacy.
Very friendly staff and amazing food!! It is just an unforgettable experience that made our stay unforgettable!!!
I hope you will appreciate my photos.

Alberto Adami for 1blog4u


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CAPE TOWN - South Africa

CAPE TOWN - South Africa - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

One week in Cape Town, South Africa
If your idea of a fine city includes near-perfect weather, great beaches, scenic beauty, fine dining and a lively downtown, then Cape Town will rank at the top of the list. I hope you will appreciate my photos.
Alberto Adami for 1blog4u

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Hotel LARA in Riccione, RN - Italy

Hotel LARA in Riccione, RN - Italy - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
I spent a weekend doing business, as well as resting a bit, at the LARA Hotel in Riccione Italy. Let me tell you about it...

MARSALA, TP, Sicily, Italy - Lo Stagnone

MARSALA, TP, Sicily, Italy - Lo Stagnone - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners


The road from Trapani to Marsala goes around the edge of the Stagnone lagoon and the island of Mozia, providing fine views of the local saltworks: panels of mirror-like water, held by thin strips of earth, synchronise to form an irregular and multicoloured scene.

In certain spots, the profile of a windmill may be discende, a reminder of times past when they provided the main means of pumping the water and grinding the salt.

The sight is even more striking in summer when the salt is ready to be collected: at the time, the pinkish hues of the concentrated saline contained in the outer pans vie with those towards the centre of a deeper colour, while the innermost, now dry, sparkle in the sunshine.

Gabriella Ruggieri

(ph. courtesy: Nino Chirco, film and music producer)