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MARCELLO PIOLI cashmere interview

MARCELLO PIOLI cashmere interview - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners


I met Marcello Pioli about two or three years ago, attracted by a photo of one of his sweaters and the accuracy on a poncho design which led me, based on my typical curiosity to browse more and to look for additional photos, of his 100% Made in Italy handcrafted productionUp to to this date, so much went on but we did end up meeting in person and we have also organized an event in his shop in Parma along with a great artist (please take a moment to admire his work in the photo gallery section under his name, Giuliano Grittini). A great joint effort between the remarkable artist Giuliano Grittini and the handcrafted cashmere work of mr. Pioli. This interview happened by chance. Sergio Bellotti (Editor's Note: partner and co-founder of 1blog4u and internationally renowned musician, currently on tour with The Platters and The Drifters and also faculty at Berklee College of Music in Boston) and I, decided to head down to Parma to greet him, while Sergio offered himself to model for his clothing line.. The purpose of my interviews, as we know, is not to write a sterile technical accomplishments and results of one person, but rather to describe the path he or she took, to get there.This is because I like the idea that anyone that might be reading what I write, can perhaps draw inspiration to fulfill their own dream. Enjoy the reading, whatever that dream of yours might be.

Gabriella Ruggieri and Sergio Bellotti for 1blog4u


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GIOIA! SMART AWARDS 2016 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners



An exclusive party for the 3-year anniversary of the new Gioia!

 GIOIA! in the breathtaking Piscina Caimi at the Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan, has rewarded people of the cultural world, of the showbusiness, of the beauty sector, of the fashion and active in social commitments with the Smart Awards. People who stood out for “that something more”, here the term “Smart”.

“Brilliant people, creative, bright and clever. As our magazine” says Maria Elena Viola, Director of the weekly magazine.

 Weekly magazine that has hit the bullseye, changing dress, renovating itself. Transmitter of positivity, energy and will to do.

Fresh, young, with contents and always looking for ideas and new opportunities. Why did it reach the target? Easy! Because in the first 6 months of the year 2016 it has incremented its revenues by 17% (versus 2015) and in these days it is an excellent outcome, and… let’s not forget that all this is decided by the readers and the advertisers, and the latter do not invest if they do not consider the editorial project a winner, do they? 

Congratulations for the achieved results to the editorial staff and to the commercial network.

Here you will find a list of the rewarded people, and next to the name and the occupation a word “in brackets”, synthetizing the reason of the award.

Micaela Ramazzotti (actress) “passion”; Ivan Cotroneo (screenwriter, writer, regisseur) “curiosity”; Elisa (singer) “determination”; J.J. Martin (American journalist) “originality”; Paula Cademartori (bags designer) “creativity”; H&M “respect”; Simona Barbieri (businesswoman) “inventiveness”; Giorgia Linardi (legal consultant at Sea Watch) “commitment”; Cristina Tajani (Councillor for Labour policies, University and Research, Fashion and Design in Milan) “innovation”;

For the beauty sector the awards went to:

  - DIOR capture totale antiage “comfort”

 - ESTÉE LAUDER New Dimension Shape + Sculpt Face Kit “perfection”

 - GIORGIO ARMANI fondotinta Maestro “lightness"

 Francesco Mandelli (Tv personality, screenwriter, musician), presenter of the Gioia! Smart Awards “Irony”.

Live performance by Elisa and DJ Set.

Best dressed for 1blog4u? Elisa!

Impeccable and elegant in her long red dress and absolutely charming with her beautiful voice!

Do not forget to visit: www.gioia.it and the issue available at news agents from the 7th July on with a report on the event.

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